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Makwan: a letter from Paradise

A video-poem dedicated to 21-year-old Makwan Moloudzadeh

who was hung in prison last December while the international campaign to save his life was collecting signatures and gaining momentum all over the world...


Dear Europe

Her name’s Rebecca Covaciu, and she’s a 12-year-old Roma child.

The newspapers have described her the “little Anne Frank of the Roma people”. The Covacius abandoned Arad in Romania to flee from poverty and discrimination. But in Italy they have been subjected to the devastating effects...


          Why are you doing this to me? You have no right, in front of everybody, you handcuff me, hit me with the back of your hand, you break my finger, you do all these things to me, but why? I want to know.
Anton Caldarar

In order to protect the young Roma Anton, his video-testimony has been removed.