Steed Gamero, in partnership with Watching The Sky Group, is to compile a photographic archives illustrating the condition of the Roma people in Italy

The images depict everyday life in the camps and makeshift shelters, as well as the tragedy of the camp clearances and racial persecution.


Photographs will also document the cultural identity the families of the Roma ethnic group have succeeded in preserving despite the marginalization and the ethnic cleansing they are subjected to.


Steed Gamero has been documenting the situation of the Roma people in Italy’s cities and towns for years through portraits, scenes of daily life and illustrations – both dramatic and moving – of the places they live in. Photographs also show them involved in their ancient traditions.


A part of this archive material will be used in a multimedia work; with photographs, narrated texts, music and short interviews.


We plan to distribute the work to libraries and shops selling audiovisual products thanks to a well-established partnership with distribution channels.


A selection of Steed’s photos will also be on show in the major Italian cities where Roma citizens are present: Milan, Rome, Naples, Florence, Genoa.


Samples of the photographic archives

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Friday, June 12, 2009

The Art of Steed Gamero

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who was hung in prison last December while the international campaign to save his life was collecting signatures and gaining momentum all over the world...


The newspapers have described her the “little Anne Frank of the Roma people”. The Covacius abandoned Arad in Romania to flee from poverty and discrimination. But in Italy they have been subjected to the devastating effects...


“Psyche in Chains”, has been realized with a mixed technique of computer art and traditional painting by Roberto Malini, Dario Picciau and the other artists of the Watching the Sky group. The group presents an artistic journey which aims to liberate the Psyche archetype, persecuted and reduced to ashes over the course of history, but always renascent, like a chimera of hope...



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