Psyche in Chains

A series of art works dedicated to the persecution of the handicapped during the Holocaust.

“Psyche in Chains”, has been realized with a mixed technique of computer art and traditional painting by Roberto Malini, Dario Picciau and the other artists of the Watching the Sky group. The group presents an artistic journey which aims to liberate the Psyche archetype, persecuted and reduced to ashes over the course of history, but always renascent, like a chimera of hope...


Hair of Gold
and Ash

Women in the Holocaust 
by Roberto Malini and Steed Gamero

Genova from January 26th  to  Feruary 1st. Portraits of women who survived the ghettos and death camps, pictured in their home environment, without rhetoric or celebrative emphasis. Three women in particular “will look at” the public from the walls of the Biblioteca De Amicis of Genoa, with a message that is becoming more and more relevant for the present day...


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